Digital Signage

Technologies such as LED, LCD and Projection are used in digital signage to display content such as video, streaming media, digital images and information and are usually found in public spaces and corporate buildings. Real-time communication is improved with digital signs and it reduces the overall cost of print campaigns and distribution, leading to revenue generation and profitability. Digital displays are the modern replacement for customary print media with enhanced creative visual content.

Franchise Tech Solutions can provide you with end to end digital signs, from content management and hardware to installation and content animation. We source the right electronic displays and combine it with the correct software and media players to offer a remotely managed digital display solution that meets your needs.

Digital Menu Displays

Digital Menu Boards are taking the place of traditional menu boards and back-lit displays due to the many benefits they offer. 


Promotional boards are replacing static boards and incorporate eye-catching videos and colourful static images, which enhances customer engagement. 

Digital LED billboards

Wide Range of digital led billboards, full colour displays , Connecting is simple Using different type of communication such as LAN, WI-FI, 3/4G modems via internet, HDMI feed.

advantages of using Digital Signage

  • Content is eye-catching and attracts attention
  • The ability to, instantly, update content and provide real-time information
  • Able to deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific locations

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